March 13 through April 9, 2003 - Tues-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5
Opening reception: Thursday March 13, 6-8pm

Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary
14 Charles Lane, NYC 10014
t. 212 807-6669 f. 645-074
Hours: Tues - Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5

Between West and Washington Streets Perry and Charles Streets

Rory MacArthur is a New York-based Scottish painter who is presenting his solo debut at Kenny Schachter conTEMPorary from March 13 until April 9.
MacArthur's current series of paintings are the latest group in a very rapidly evolving and ambitious investigation into what he sees to be the limitless possibilities of non-representational painting today. The paintings always originate in one of MacArthur's many sketchbooks, coming directly from specific drawings which in the past year alone have numbered nearly one thousand. It typically takes over one hundred sketches or studies to yield one painting, a thoroughness of approach that is important to emphasize in light of the effortless appearance of the end results. The paintings seem to have appeared out of thin air as they float and pulsate on the wall.

Once the artist singles out a specific study, he begins an elaborate but direct process of building up a support by using multiple layers of Styrofoam. The foam is carved, sanded, sealed, and sanded again, a labor-intensive method that actually disguises the effort needed to create the surface needed to begin a given painting. By the time MacArthur begins painting he knows his support very well. He deploys the very real 3-D surfaces of his pieces in a kind of visual dance with the illusionist qualities and capabilities of paint. MacArthur uses color applied by roller and by air to undermine and underline the physicality of his carved surfaces. The result is a painted space as complex as it is seductive and beautiful.

Christian Haub


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