showing in Upstairs Space

May 12 through June 14, 2003
Tuesday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-6
Opening Reception: Monday May 12, 6-9pm with music by Hoof

Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary
14 Charles Lane, NYC 10014
t. 212 807-6669 f. 645-074

Between West and Washington Streets Perry and Charles Streets


Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the painter Brendan Cass, his fourth in his young but distinguished career.

Cass’ current exhibition is entitled “Europe,” and consists mainly of large paintings of stereotypical European landscapes and scenes done in his particular Art Naïf style. A gigantic medieval castle set amidst the forest and mountains recalls the historical grandeur of France or Germany. A windmill and steeple in the background of a brightly colored tulip farm could only be Holland. There are also paintings of cabins perched in the Alps, a multi-domed church sitting by the water, and a rainbow over some picturesque coast.

Cass’s canvases have a double nature: at first glance, they appear to have been executed quickly, yet there are overt signs of Cass’s working and reworking the picture to his liking. Underlying the surface of the paintings there appear to be layers of paint poured and clumped, giving an earthy or fleshy texture to the canvases. There are also ghost images underneath the top surface- sometimes congruent, sometimes clashing with the final painted surface. With minimal mixing, Cass applies quick brushstrokes to create his forms, and spats of paint frequently pepper the picture.

Imagine a giant’s child doing a whirlwind tour of Europe. Now imagine he decides to paint his own postcards and he sends them back home to his family in Brobdingnag…Brendan Cass’s paintings would be the result.

Bon Voyage, little giant!


Joe Bradley is an artist whose works usually exhibit some kind of intervention or conscious meddling with otherwise simple canvases. There is something always slightly askew as with a white painting which seems to be pried between the stretcher and canvas, a round silver painting lined with thick rope, or a long silver canvas that looks to be stretched unevenly. Though not as extreme as the slashed canvases of Lucio Fontana, Bradley’s works bring our attention to the transience of the painter’s medium, and perhaps that is his message.

by Benjamin Berlow



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