New York, March 6-10, 2003
Friday to Sunday 12-8pm, Monday 12-5pm
917 301 8090


Checklist clockwise from left of entrance on white walls

Graham Gillmore (red text painting) How to Build a Rolls Royce $15,000
Misaki Kawai (table sculpture with boat) Untitled $6,500
Rory MacArthur (wall relief) Alpha Lambda $8,500
Mary Heilmann (painting w/ ceramic) Combo $15,000
Mary Heilmann (stripe painting) Wild Bunch $12,000
Joe Bradley (gesso on raw canvas) The Old Rugged Cross $1,800
Mika Rottenberg (3 mounted photos) $1,800 each
Robert Reynolds (two rainbows) The Annihilation series $3,500 each
Tony Oursler (video sculpture) Julia, 1994 $35,000
Brendan Cass (painting with windmill) Holland $6,000
Joe Bradley (silver monochromatic painting) Nope $1,800
Lisa Ruyter (painting with child in pool) Space Camp, 1999 $20,000
Misaki Kawai (wave sculpture with figure) Untitled $7,000
Sol Sax (leaning guitar) $3,500

Salon Style Hanging on Canvas Wall

Rosalie Knox 4 Untitled photos $1,000 each
Andi Archer (shaped painting) Pepto Bo Peep $1,500
Frank Holliday (abstract painting in painted frame) Flower $2,500
Kenny Schachter (framed photo) Art Survey Art $900
Brian Belott (boom box painted on glass) Digital Boom Box $1,500
Brian Belott (boom box painted on glass) Untitled $1,500
Chi Modu 3 untitled B&W photos $1,000 each
Sol Sax (subway map head) $4,500
Ilona Rich (plaster figure) $1,200

ACCONCI STUDIO, modified seating and table element from installation $20,000


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