NOV 4 - DEC 20, 2008

Following their last successful collaboration with Kevin Spacey and The Old Vic, Kenny Schachter and Jonathan Levi have the great pleasure to invite you to a new, spectacular and star-studded show.

French designer Maria Pergay (b. 1930) has been creating contemporary objects and furniture for over fifty years. Well known for her pioneer use of stainless steel in the 1970s, her most recent work focuses on the unusual combinations of steel and other precious materials like bronze and wood, challenging them to function harmoniously. Pergay's forms also exhibit constant tensions, employing both masculine and feminine references as well as contemporary and classical.

Arik Levy, Paris based industrial designer has exhibited worldwide and his pieces hang in the collection of the Pompidou and many other major institutions. The most noted of his works are lights composed of thin fluorescent tubes arranged to resemble an explosion of white light and stainless steel tables that are gem-like in their beauty and preciousness.

Peter Harvey is a British industrial designer living in Berlin, his ground braking work with large blocks of acrylic that are pigmented and machined into seating elements are unique and pushing current fabrication technologies to their breaking point.

Tom Dixon is a world-renowned designer who famously gave away 1000 chairs for free in Trafalgar Square in an effort to democratize design and broaden its audience while making it more accessible in the process. His live performance based furniture creation straddles the fence between art and design in a manner unaddressed in the past.
Richard Woods has clad buildings and created floors in a distinctive cartoonish wood grain style from New York to Istanbul. Recently he has shifted his production to text based signage sending up the language of property development and luxury living for the precarious economic times we live in.

Brendan Cass is a New York based painter of blended landscapes that incorporate elements of abstraction. The colors are wild and acidic and fall firmly into the category of good “bad” painting! They are riotous, fun and phenomenally well painted as he moves pigment around canvas thick and heavy like a sculptor.

Graham Gillmore creates paintings that seem photographic in the seductiveness of the deep space he depicts. Floating on these fetishistic surfaces are words and fragments of words that become almost like elements in a landscape. The texts are poetic and cutting but always entertaining and become abstracted by their painterly application.

Muir Vidler is a young Scottish photographer traveling the world for subject matter incorporating humor and kitsch signaling out life’s absurdities. He is almost like a pop artist with a camera rather than canvas as he scours the world looking for subject matter that point to cultural contradictions so prevalent in daily life.

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